R.E. Rakel e E.T. Bope, Conn’s Current Theraphy 2005, Ed. Elsevier Saunders

R.E. Rakel e E.T. Bope, Conn’s Current Theraphy 2005, Ed. Elsevier Saunders

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Luogo e Anno U.S.A., 2005
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The source of choice for concise and easy-to-use guidance on the latest advances in diagnostics, therapeutics, and patient care. More than 300 leading practitioners from over 15 countries describe their preferred techniques for managing hundreds of common disorders affecting every organ system. With more than 90% new authorship, each chapter offers fresh perspectives on the hottest topics. Plus, a new updated design for 2005 includes more clinical algorithms and tables, making information readily accessible.

  • Each condition (nearly 300) is addressed by an international authority with extensive experience specific to the topic.
  • Consistent, logical organization enables readers to find and retrieve therapeutic information quickly
  • Selected by librarians as a “first-purchase selection” on the Brandon/Hill selected list of books and journals for the small medical library.
  • Updated yearly under the expert editorial leadership of Drs. Rakel and Bope-making this one of the most trusted resources worldwide
  • 90% new authorship-all recognized experts from around the world-provide all new approaches to therapy (with as many as 6 for each condition).
  • Information on recently approved and soon-to-be-approved drugs, as well timely information on herbal products.
  • Up-to-date information on hot topics such as insomnia * pain * smallpox * anthrax * biologic agents * whooping cough * tuberculosis and other mycobacterial infections * irritable bowel syndrome * obesity * melanoma * Alzheimer’s disease * chlamydia trachomatis * menopause * drug abuse * toxic chemical agents * and many more.
  • A new updated design, including many new clinical algorithms and tables.
Sottotitolo: «Latest approved methods of treatment for the practicing physician». Edizione aggiornata al 2005, con copertina rigida. Stato di conservazione: Come Nuovo.

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