Ruth C. Christman (edito da), Soviet Science, Ed. A.A.A.S., 1952

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Titolo completo: «Soviet Science: A Symposium Presented on December 27, 1951, at the Philadelphia Meeting of the American Association for the Advancement of Science».

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Edizione e Anno The American Association for the Advcancement of Science, Washington DC (USA), 1952 Arranged by Corway Zirkle e Howard A. Meyerhoff
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Titolo completo: «Soviet Science: A Symposium Presented on December 27, 1951, at the Philadelphia Meeting of the American Association for the Advancement of Science».

When we read Soviet Science in a title we do not expect the work to contain merely an account of the contributions to world science made by the great scientists in the Soviet Union. We expect it to contain rather an account of a science which differs in at least some respects from world science. In fact, science is faced today with a most serious condition. In parts of the world its universality is denied. Some scientific tenets, once universally accepted, are now limited to particular geographic regions.

Different and rival tenets have displaced them from a large part of the world. The newly emerged competitory tenets have not been able to secure universal acceptance, however, and indeed show no signs of being able to spread into the portions of the world where the scientists are free to reject them. The result, of course, is a most unfortunate schism.

Artificial barriers and censorships now limit the diffusion of scientific information, and in some countries certain scientific hypotheses have been given an official approval while other hypotheses have been outlawed. This is such a preposterous thing to have happened in the twentieth century that it should become a major concern to all of us. It will certainly be an object of intense study to future historians of science.

The American Association for the Advcancement of Science seeks to “advance science, engineering, and innovation throughout the world for the benefit of all people”. To fulfill this mission, the AAAS Board has set the following broad goals:

  • Enhance communication among scientists, engineers, and the public
  • Promote and defend the integrity of science and its use
  • Strengthen support for the science and technology enterprise
  • Provide a voice for science on societal issues
  • Promote the responsible use of science in public policy
  • Strengthen and diversify the science and technology workforce
  • Foster education in science and technology for everyone
  • Increase public engagement with science and technology
  • Advance international cooperation in science

The formation of AAAS in 1848 marked the emergence of a national scientific community in the United States. While science was part of the American scene from the nation’s early days, its practitioners remained few in number and scattered geographically and among disciplines. AAAS was the first permanent organization formed to promote the development of science and engineering at the national level and to represent the interests of all its disciplines.

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Edizione a copertina rigida in tela blu scuro, con titoli dorato al dorso, rilegata a filo.

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Peso 0,33 kg
Dimensioni 15,5 × 23,4 × 1,2 cm

Ruth C. Christman (edito da)


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Washington [USA]

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