Libreria «l'Antro di Ulisse»

... a Ferrara dal 1979!

Articoli di Narrativa Fantasy e Fantascientifica

John Uri Lloyd, Etidorhpa, Ed. dell'Antro

"The End of Earth" is not like any other book. The charm of adventure, the excitement of romance, the stimulating heat of controversy, the keen pursuit of scientific truth, the glow of moral enthusiasm, are all found in its pages.
The book may be described Dr. W. H. Venable. as a sort of philosophical fiction, containing much exact scientific truth, many hold. theories, and much ingenious speculation on the nature and destiny of man. . . . The occult and esoteric character of the discussions adds a strange fascination to them. We can hardly classify, bye ordinary rules, a work so unusual in form and purpose, so discursive in subject-matter, so unconventional in its appeals to reason, religion and morality...
The direct teaching of the book, in so far as it aims to influence conduct, is always lofty and pure.

[Dr. W. H. Venable]


Il libro, di cui potete visionare un'anteprima nel riquadro più sotto, è acquistabile sia in forma elettronica (formato PDF) che cartacea (Print-on-Demand sul sito del Gruppo Editoriale L'Espresso.


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